We welcome children to our office. Most kids are not afraid of coming to see us.
They have watched their parents and siblings have posiitive experiences here. Children are
excited to jump in the dental chair and go for a ride and have their teeth counted.
from an early age good oral health habits can be established.

When will my baby get her first tooth?

Primary teeth (baby teeth) come at different times, but usually make appearance six or eight
months after birth. The lower incisors are first, generally followed by the upper ones.

What is so important about first teeth?

First teeth help your child to learn to eat and speak properly. They hold the space open for
permanent teeth, guide them into position, and help the jaw find its correct alignment.

I've noticed spaces between my child's primary teeth. Is this normal?

Spaces your child's primary teeth are normal. Children with spaces between their primary
teeth are less likely to need braces when they get older.

When will my son get permanent teeth?

Permanent teeth begin to erupt around your child's sixth birthday. By his twelfth birthday,
they should all be present and accounted for.

My child got permanent teeth earlier than my neighbour's child. Why?

The process varies from child to child; so don't worry if other kids your child's age have
lost more or fewer teeth. Teeth usually erupt earlier in girls than boys, and in the lowers
before the uppers. On average, your child should have a full set of primary teeth by the
time he or she reaches two and a half years.

What if my daughter's primary teeth don't come out?

If your child's primary teeth are not loosening and coming out, or if you're not sure,
please give us a call.

Please call us if you have any other questions or concerns.
New patients are always welcome