We will make every effort to schedule your appointments at a time most convenient
for you. We try our best to run on schedule and we ask that you do your best to
be on time for your appointments

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please provide 2 business days notice
in order to avoid a possible fee.

Safety Procedures
Infection control and sterilization are a fundamental part of our dental office.
We follow the strictest guidelines to ensure your safety and use the most
current products available.

In every operatory we disinfect all contaminated surfaces and replace all disposable barriers.
All instruments and handpieces are heat sterilized. Our sterilization equipment is monitored
by an outside lab to ensure that it is working properly.

Protecting Your Privacy and Health Information
Dr. Gayle Wagman and Dr. Michelle Crystal and every team member understand that your
health and personal information is private and must be protected. Protecting your privacy is
an important part of our commitment to providing quality care with integrity.
We promise to provide the highest level of confidentiality relative to the collection,
use and disclosure of any personal information shared with us.

Emergency Care
Relief of your discomfort is a top priority for us. We try to respond to your needs promptly
because we understand how difficult it can be to function with severe pain or discomfort.

Our computerized insurance processing system (EDI) allows us to submit claims electronically
to your insurance company. Your insurance carrier will then reimburse you quickly.
Our methods of payment include cash, visa, mastercard and interac.
Should you require extensive cosmetic or restorative dentistry you may qualify for special
financial arrangements based on your dental treatment. Our receptionist will be
happy to discuss your financial options.